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If you’re here, you must have a burning question within yourself that needs some clarity. My goal is to inspire you to move forward with confidence, and relieve you of your worry and make sense of your current situation you are experiencing.
Numerology can give you direction to your life’s journey or better understand relationships in your life. It connects you to that “invisible” realm that exists within us, known as our sixth sense or Intuition. The soul is a powerful force at the core of your being. Every experience that you have on earth encourages your soul to grow and evolve. I can show you that direction with the numbers.
My own life path is the number 7. As a person with this life Path, I am a searcher and seeker of the truth. I am here to use my abilities in search of the deeper meaning of life and have chosen to use my gift with numbers to help others on their journey.
Live your life in the highest vibration of the numbers, which will bring an unending reverence for you journey.
Cassie Vegotsky