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I was born a seeker of the truth.
When I was a child, it seemed that my faith was the only dependable thing in my life. At a very young age I seemed to have had to fend for myself with no guidance. I had a knowing that my family was doing the best they could, but I did not feel much love from them. It was very a confusing period, a time that I seemed to be getting nowhere and felt so very much alone. My faith is what sustained me. I had faith that there was something better for me, where I would one day feel that love and stability.
Then it happened, my life began to change after many years of aloneness and hard work. I met my loving husband, got married and immediately had two children. My life felt stable and I focused on my marriage and raising my children. I was happy to be there, working for security and that feeling of love and a commitment to each other. What a wonderful time. During those years I often contemplated the spiritual realm. When it came to major decisions in my life I always felt a need to hear what a psychic would say. I stayed with the same psychic all my life. I must say I was always fascinated by her. How could she see the story of my life? That’s what I wanted to know. How could I consciously connect to that 6th sense? So that became my quest for many years.
This is when I was introduced to numerology. We decided to sell our home and I consulted my psychic. She described the event and how it would occur and said something else that was very interesting. She said that I was going to find something and she saw me surrounded by books. That was very vague for me so I let it go. Around the same period I heard about a Numerologist and decided to consult her on the sale of my home and compare the two readings. There was a definite similarity with both readings, but with Numerology the timeline was an added bonus. It gave some relief to feel the energy of each month and to live confidently in the process of life; you then stop worrying about the future if you live in the moment. I was hooked; this is what I was searching for, a way to connect to my inner guidance.
I really did “find something”, my passion! My journey began and my intention was set on being a Numerologist. I then proceeded to take every class I could on the subject and buying every book available to quench my thirst of knowledge on numbers. Then I proceeded to do Numerology charts on friends and family. I would learn from events in the media, look at the numbers of the people involved and see if I could gain insight as to why the events occurred. The more I worked, the more knowledge I received. I found that I could help people in a way that was beneficial in understanding their life, added clarity to their past, and gave them confidence for the future as well. Now I’m here ready for you.