Personal Energy

This is a must in understanding who you are.  It tells the kind of life you will live and the lessons you are here to learn.  It also tells what you’ll be most successful doing and reveals one of the several areas of your life that has to be developed to reach your full potential.  This chart will indicate what energy you have not experienced in past lives that will be continually present throughout your life until it is mastered and where your strong points are, showing where you have an abundance of energy from past lives.  Additionally, the report will show where your weak links are in your nature that needs to be strengthened to expand your awareness and improve the quality of your life.  Another number it will reveal is the Maturity number, showing your future potential and what all these experiences are leading to.
This chart will take at least 3 days to complete. The report will be sent by email.
Information Needed: Name on Birth Certificate and date of birth.
Cost: $90.00

Personal Forecast for 1 year

This is a great tool for advanced planning and wise decision making.  This report gives an analysis of your upcoming personal year worked out month by month.  It helps you understand where your opportunities lie and how to get along with people for maximum benefit.
Note: I suggest this after you know your personal energy and can be used as an annual follow-up.
This report will take 3 days to complete.  Report will be sent by email.
Information needed:  Name on Birth Certificate and date of birth.
Cost: $90.00

1 Question

If you have a dilemma and would like some further insight on an issue you are experiencing I can give added direction, provided I have originally done your numerology profile.
Cost: $35.00