Having a numerology chart done by Cassie Vegotsky is a road map of your life. You know where you are coming from in your life, where you are in the present and where your heading on your life path. It’s a wonderful and exciting reference also revealing the answers to questions you have about your life. Showing the good, bad and ugly. This chart will help you get to the root of issues for answers for the betterment of your life journey. Cassie is passionate about her work. Her accuracy is amazing. It baffles me everytime I have my personal chart done for my birthday and see how my year will be or look back and see how correct she is. I also, have midyear updates if I know my life is coming up on a hurdle. Cassie has a great personality and reveiws your chart to help you understand your life journey. If you are reading this I believe spirit has lead you to this message and having a numerology chart and meeting Cassie may just be what you need for whatever reason in your life at this time.
-Maureen T., Delaware
Cassie Vegotsky has taken numerology to the depths of her heart. I am in awe of her understanding through her dedication and commitment to this ancient practice to share with others so deeply and gracefully.
After having my chart done by Cassie I felt a sense of clarity and understanding of my life. I was inspired and empowered. It allowed me to trust my life with confidence and give me the strength I needed to move forward. I am grateful to know Cassie and have received her gift of numerology.
-Elle K.
From the first conversation with Cassie about numerology I could tell by her enthusiasm, knowledge and insight that this new venture would be a success for anyone involved. When I received my first report/ reading I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t believe the clarity between what I had lived and what I was reading. It was all so cohesive and clear. So many of the feelings that I have experienced as an outcome of life events were all solidified. It really made me feel lighter and unburdened knowing that these feelings were genuine and real. It gave me an overwhelming sense of validation about my life. Numerology has put me in a position to follow my innate feelings, trust my thoughts and decisions and be open minded to what life has in store, instead of always trying to control everything. I highly recommend Cassie‚Äôs services as a form of self-care, healing and guidance. When we open our eyes to the entire world around us, instead of just what is directly in front of us, it is amazing to realize the messages and gifts that have always been there, just waiting to be seen.
Cassie Vegotsky does exceptional work as a Numerologist. In addition to preparing a thorough analysis for the year, she adds handwritten notes and supplemental printed explanations, so the recipient has as much information as possible to discover the forces that guide the soul. Cassie answers any questions in a thoughtful and helpful way and takes the time to study the chart, rather than simply providing a report. Her knowledge, wisdom and compassion are a great blessing!
Teri H., PA
Thank Goodness for Cassie’s talent in Numerology! Cass has been doing my numbers for a few years now, and I can’t tell you how much her insight has helped me. The initial report is so informative, and Cassie’s understanding of the intricacies in your own personal numbers is astounding. Sometimes, when she is explaining a feeling or behavior, I wonder if she isn’t psychic as well! Her year overview and month to month reports are so helpful in planning strategies, trips, and making major decisions. I have consulted her regarding career decisions, dealing with others and personal situations. She has always given me that extra insight that makes life run a bit more smoothly. Cassie has a gift, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Patty, PA